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Edging Extraordinaire with Oral Pleasure Tryst

Updated: Aug 21

FS/full service is unavailable at this time. This is just a temporary situation and I still would love to have you visit so I am offering an oral/edging service. I really prefer to be discreet about what goes on in my sessions but I want to be clear about what is being offered. Basically, it amounts to no penetrative sex. Almost everything else is ok DFK, Hugging, Cuddling, Edging, Fellatio, HJ, RUSSIAN, BOOB OFF, CBJ, and BBBJ. This is all on my comfy California King bed. I think I covered everything but if you need to ask a question and I've screened you to know you are safe I have no problem answering any questions as I want us both to have a memorable fun experience.

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