How do I know your real?

Please refer to my blogs for lots of information about how to tell if a companion escort is legit.​ 

How to rell the differene between a legit provider and a bait and switch or fake provider. Click here.

Do you go on dinner dates?

I love dinner dates and also have a blog about them. I would definitely consider myself a foodie and use to work in fine dining many, many years ago.

Do you see couples or women?

Sorry, noI only see men.

Do you see clients that are new with no experience?

Yes, I love newbies and very much newbie friendly and will put you at ease in no time.

Do you travel abroad?

Yes, I'm open to traveling anywhere and passport ready.

Do you have an age limit or see young clients?

I believe one can be a gentleman whether 21 or 80 years old. Same with being a jackwagon age does not matter.

Why do you not post a phone number?

These days its much easier to just book and screen potential new friends via my booking form or email. Over the years, there has been more and more problems by posting a phone number and this seems to be the best way for me to book. It also eliminates the truly serious inquiries from the fantasy bookers and timewaster. I do offer introductory phone option if you'd like to have a chat before booking. Click here for more information on an introduction call.

Why do I have to send a deposit?

To reserve your time and mine I require a small discreet 30% deposit. This is how a true professional handles their business. so no ones time is wasted. I can tell you in the 6 years I've been requiring deposits its really cut down on fantasy bookers and no call no show's. Although, in the past 6 months I've had 6 flake even with a deposit. I'm quite lenient as far as if you give me 24 hours notice your welcome to use the deposit towards another date in the future. I've never had to return a deposit in the 6 years I have required them. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Not directly but I have a few discreet ways you can pay using your credit card. Please just inquire for more information.

Do you enjoy kissing?

Yes, I very much enjoy kissing, hugging and cuddling. Everyone needs some human touch nurturing.

Are you open to fetishes or fantasy roleplay?

Yes,  please refer to my femdom tab above to find out more about the options I offer. You will also find blogs on both sites with options for roleplay but I'm open to any not listed on blogs as well.

Do you have another job?

I'm an entrepeneur and always interested in new ventures. I make websites including the one you are viewing along with a few other websites I maintain for myself and others. I'm also a cryptocurrency trader.

Are you ok with MMJ or 420 friendly?

Yesm we live in a state where it is legal.