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I Love, Love, LOVE Newbies! "Updated from 2016"

Are you a shy, quiet type? Nervous about being a newbie and booking your first appointment?

I'm newbie friendly and enjoy introducing newbies to my world and giving them informative information whether it's how to be safe booking others or just, in general, making them feel at ease with their first ever appointment with a professional provider.

I completely understand I use to be highly shy many years ago when I was much younger myself. I'll make you very comfortable once screened and the date booked. I'm very down-to-earth and personable. I can go out to the store or just walk down the street and there is something very friendly about my energy because it never fails strangers always ask me for information, directions, or advice without having met me previously. Once you meet with me in person I'll put you even more at ease with my nurturing and friendly demeanor. My incall is comfortable, sensual, and cozy. I've had many jobs dealing with the public and all walks of life from managing restaurants, bartending, and even working on Venice beach doing Henna tattoo artwork. I often chit-chat via emails and or my niteflirt phone line once one has passed screening and sent the small discreet deposit as I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Almost everything you need to know is on my website from my blogs to reviews to a frequently asked questions page. You can also visit my Twitter which I've been active on since 2009. Once I verify you are safe, I may ask you if you have any particular interests you'd like to explore. At that time, you can tell me a bit more but again please do not be explicit.

If there's anything that would make you more comfortable like some wine or I'm also mmj, 420 friendly that is ok with me. We do live in California after all. I'm an ex-bartender and make excellent cocktails. You'll need to supply the alcoholic beverage as I do not keep it around much anymore.

I hope this blog on being newbie-friendly has already made you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Thank you for reading.


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