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Taking a Poll Could I be Too Cautious?!?!

I have had a few things on my mind and figured I should take a poll and research options I might want to consider when screening. I'm pretty darn sure I am more than too cautious when screening but is there really such a thing? Of course, I have all the good reasons why I stick to such a strict way of screening and know everyone has their own way of screening, but am I overdoing? I feel like Ms. PI most of the time and spend ALOT of precious time verifying. I'm sure there have been times I've spent a good hour checking someone out, and they might not even show for all I know. I'm way to busy to ever call anyone back unless I'm asked to even if they flake on an appointment (if their concern is someone being a pest) but I also see their side of things. I won't make an appointment through just a cell phone call alone. I want a name to go with the number and be able to search to confirm an identity. I have other options for people but I'm inquiring about cell phone screening. How do you feel the most comfortable screening?

****I'll definately be making an update to this posting about safety and screening for all concerned.

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