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Deposits (updated from 2015)

Thank you ahead for understanding. It's greatly appreciated.

Deposits are required to ensure your time and mine. I make it super easy and discreet. I offer a few options for your ease of comfort. I'll send you the details once screened for my safety concerns. I've been requiring deposits to book new friends for 6 years now. I've found it to be highly helpful for a number of reasons and concerns. The new friends that follow through are wonderful in understanding that this makes me more comfortable knowing they'll show up for their appointment. I have a few other ventures I do and am generally not available for right now or the same day unless you contact me early in the day for an evening appointment. I take pride in my sessions and being 100% when my guests arrive. The deposits save me from having my time wasted with NCNSs, flakes, and fantasy bookers.

It's a small discreet deposit of 30% of the session unless it's for an outcall where transportation is required. Then transportation fee is added in addition to the appointment deposit. The deposit is deducted from the session total. The deposit is deducted from the session total. If for any reason you have to reschedule I can be flexible if you've given me at least 24 hours' notice or more. I make this really easy for you with 6 options to choose from. Know that I am 100 % discreet and as well so are my options for deposits.

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