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Prostate Massage- The Male Gspot is the Pspot

I have 17 years experience doing prostate massage. I've also attended classes with the thinking I would learn more only to discover I should have a degree in this area. I truly enjoy teasing and massaging your hidden special erogenous zone. The pspot is the male gspot after all. I'm nurturing, gentle, go slow and easy starting with small vibrating toys with the ability to go larger depending on your particular interests. I'll describe what I'm doing in a seductive hypnotic voice as well as show you the various toys which all have been properly cleaned and covered for safe use.

Everyone is different and has different needs, desires and expectations. I approach each session and individual with inquiring questions and explanations as well as being informative. Most people are more interesting in having me either introduce them to prostate stimulation with a latex gloved finger or small vibrating toys. A small percentage like to feel weight and why the Njoy toy which weighs 5 pounds is good option for this feeling. An even smaller percentage are into feeling really full and being stretched slowly til they can accommodate large toys. While I'm massaging your prostate I will also be stimulating your other naughty body parts from your nipples to your p*****.

Having your prostate stimulated is not only sensually pleasurable but overall good for your prostate health. With further research you'll discover regular doctors use to do prostate massage for ones prostate health many years ago from the early 1900's and before.



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