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What is Sensual Erotic Hypnosis or Erotic Hypno?

Erotic hypnosis can be a great way to get into a relaxed and sensual head space. It can also be used to get you more aroused which is what I mostly use it for at this time. It's pretty much what you would imagine hypnosis with an erotic twist. I've had a 100% success rate thus far in my erotic hypnosis sessions. Clients tell me afterward how relaxed and extra aroused during our session and afterward lingering into hours later. I really enjoy doing these types of sessions and combining them with other interests my clients would like to include. All my sessions are customized to each individual's interests, needs, and fantasies. I combine colored mood lighting, essential oils diffusing, and binaural beats to create the mood along with my hypnotic tone when putting you into a trance. Once screened for my safety concerns I'm happy to have correspondence and find out more about your other interests to make for a memorable experience for us both.

I've had great success using erotic hypnosis for gentlemen experiencing ED erectile dysfunction.

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