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San Diego November 10-11

I'm coming to San Diego November 10-11. Be sure to pre-book me for a rare visit outside of Los Angeles.

I'm very much looking forward to this rare visit. I use to live in San Diego many years ago but not long enough in my book.

I'll be taking the Amtrak down so I don't have to worry about driving and can enjoy the ride and view. I'll be staying in downtown my first day and booked on the 9th. I'm available to see a few select gentlemen on November 10th and 11th. I possibly will be moving to a hotel near the beach or may be Old Town it will depend on my inquiries. I'm a low volume and only want to meet a few select clients.

I have a gorgeous, sexy, busty, blonde friend that will be coming down on the 10th so if you would be interested in doubles with her let me know and I can can you further information if you'd be interested in seeing us both on either the 10th or 11th. I Hope to try some new dining restaurants and possibly visit some tourist spots as well as hidden gems.

Please contact me ahead by pre-booking, Please have a look around both my websites and blogs to find out more about me and what all offer. I also have reviews on both websites for your reading pleasure. Some were copied from a few review sites no longer accessible in US and some were sent to me directly. I'll be available by pre-booking only through the booking form on my website. A small discreet deposit is needed to reserve your time and ensure mine.

Thank you for understanding!

I look forward to meeting you soon for a wonderful fun rendezvous!


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